Problems on the Recreation Ground – Offord Darcy

We have been made aware of recent issues with possible anti-social behaviour late at night on the Recreation Ground.

These have been reported to the police who have agreed to increase their patrols and talk to any groups they encounter. The police have informed us that over the past three months they have not received any reports from residents. It is very important that these incidents are reported when they occur. The more reports they receive the more visits we get! You can dial 101 or use the online reporting tool via this link . Obviously, if it is an emergency dial 999.

Councillors are increasing their visits to clear up excessive litter and to check the CCTV cameras and we are in the process of installing extra cameras on the Recreation Ground and Millennium Green.

Hopefully, by working together, we can deal with these problems.

If you have any thoughts of anything more we can be doing, please get in touch.

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