Millennium Green

Millennium Green

The Offords Millennium Green was Established in 1999 and for a number of years was run by the Millennium Green Trust until it was eventually decided that the sole trustee would be the Parish Council.


The Millennium Green has been, and continues to be, the pride and joy of The Offords. Established as an area for wildlife to flourish, it features many useful habitats for wildlife such as a large natural pond, an area of wild grass, many trees, natural wild vegetation and an area of wetland. Villagers report seeing a variety of animals that are supported by the green, some include: deer, many different types of bird, butterflies, bees and of course the infamous Millennium Green rabbits!


The Parish Council remains committed to ensuring the Millennium Green continues to be both a re-wilded habitat to help the local environment/wildlife and a place in which our residents can walk, walk their dogs and play with their children.


Two large children’s play areas exist within the Millennium Green and are maintained by the Parish Council. All play equipment is relatively new and modern and we do have some fantastic pieces of play equipment that go down very well with the children that use them!


Future projects for the Millennium Green:

  • Improvements on children’s play areas
  • The seeding of an area of wildflowers
  • The planting of more native trees
  • The improvement of access to the green


The Parish Council wishes to express it’s gratitude to a local group of dog walkers (The Paws Patrol!) that voluntarily empty the bins in the Millennium Green every two weeks and help make the Millennium Green a fantastic and litter-free environment for all to enjoy.

If you are interested in supporting the Paws Patrol, please contact Councillor Beckett who can help put you in touch with the organisers.