St Peter’s Churchyard

St Peter’s Churchyard


For centuries St Peter’s was the parish church of Offord D’Arcy, until 1978, when it was decided that All Saints Church in Offord Cluny would serve both Offord Cluny and Offord D’Arcy.

St. Peters is now generally kept locked. However, The Friends of St Peter’s, Offord D’Arcy, headed by an enthusiastic committee, promote the use of this much loved building by all members of the local community for concerts, exhibitions, amateur dramatic performances and similar events.


The Friends provide a pool of volunteers to assist the Churches Conservation Trust’s custodian to care for the church.


Membership is open to all and by joining the Friends of St Peter’s, Offord D’Arcy you will be assisting the Trust to develop greater use of the church.


For more information about the church, please visit: