Local Plan Update

Local Plan Update


A large amount of Council time has been spent on this over the last few months.

You may have seen the posters on the noticeboards regarding the updating of the Huntingdonshire Local Plan and what this means for residents.  Planning and future development feature largely in this process as well as necessary infrastructure.  There are 8 sites which have been put forward in the parish.   Although the Call for Sites has now closed it is still possible to comment on them.   Here is the link to the documents and you can find the relevant applications by putting the reference numbers into the comment ID box.

The sites are as follows with the reference numbers in brackets:

Equestrian Centre, New Road, Offord Cluny – 35 houses (74)

New Road Field – Offord Cluny – 50 houses (135)

West of High Street – Offord Cluny – 50 houses (156)

South of Orchard Way – Offord Darcy – 80 houses (174)

Land Adj to Manor Court – Offord Cluny – 5 houses (199)

Land Opposite Manor House – Offord Cluny – 2 houses (201)

Land North of Station Lane – 5/6 houses + commercial (308)

Land West of High Street – 130 houses (326)


Note:  Application Ref 326 is the same as for 156 but extended northwards to enable 130 dwellings rather than 50.


Its worth noting that these are possible sites put forward by landowners or their agents and not confirmed developments.  The process now is that the Planning Department at Hunts District Council will look through them to see which ones are viable.  This process could take some time and the entire update of the Local Plan several years.